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Portable Negative Ion Oxygen Purifier

Portable Negative Ion Oxygen Purifier

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1. Anytime·Desktop·In-Car: Three-in-one function

2. There is no need to replace the filter element, which saves materials and is more environmentally friendly.

3. Long battery life, long-term protection.

4. With the bracket, it is more convenient to use in the car/desktop.

5. Complete certification: CE, FCC.ROHS.

6. Packing configuration: Host*1+Anti-static rope*1+Chinese and English manual*1+Bracket clip*1+Charging cable*1.


Product Model: BAP-03

Switch: push button switch

Product size: 8*5*2.2cm

Charging time: about 1 hour

Battery life: about 12 hours

Negative ion concentration: 50 million

Rated voltage: DC5V

Rated power: ≤1W

Battery capacity: 230MAH

Product material: ABS+PC



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